Localization of TV content is a complex process by which viewers are enabled to enjoy TV programs in their mother tongue. In doing so, the goal is to retain all the details and nuances of the original version.

Nexus makes that possible thanks to its wide network of high-quality translators. For each particular project, we take care to ensure best allocation of translation talent.

Language is constantly changing, so we make sure that we catch up with the novelties, especially important in slang and modern technology vocabulary. When localizing documentary programming, we consult experts who help us with the specifics in the particular area.

Language editing and proofreading is a compulsory step in the process, as is translation supervision. We use cutting edge technology which enables high quality and fast turnaround, as well as wide choice of formats in which we can supply the localized content, depending on the client's requirements.

Quality check is an additional guarantee for the quality of the supplied service.